Kaiser Permanente and the Alliance of Health Care Unions
Business Office Supervisor Michelle Teeples, Management

Registering on kp.org has a host of patient benefits. Pictured with a patient is Business Office Supervisor Michelle Teeples.

Calling All Hands for kp.org Sign-Up Drives

The online portal kp.org can be an invaluable tool for members, but they have to register. A Point Loma Primary Care unit in San Diego had 69 percent of their members signed up for kp.org and wanted to boost their participation rate. Instead of handing the job to one or two staffers, they brought the entire team into the promotion. Doctors, nurses, assistants and receptionists got involved in the effort that included posting informational signage, speaking with patients and encouraging those without computers to use local libraries. In two years, the team reached 90.2 percent registered members.

Here's What Worked

  • Involving the entire team in the promotion to sign up members to kp.org
  • Posting signs at every location to encourage registration, and speaking with patients during appointments
  • Speaking directly with members to tout the benefits of kp.org

What can your team do to encourage patients and members to sign up on kp.org?


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