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Interest-Based Problem Solving (classroom, online)

Course description

Interest-Based Problem Solving offers labor management partners a method to solve problems using a non-adversarial process. This training program provides guidance in the four-step interest-based problem-solving process, along with a simulation exercise that gives participants an opportunity to practice the process.

Path to Performance

Levels 1, 2 


  • 4 hours (classroom)
  • 30 minutes (online)

Who should attend

People engaged in problem solving at the unit-based team level up to regional Labor Management Partnership committees should attend this training, along with any union and management staff members working on issue resolution and corrective action. Job categories who can take this class are labor, management and physician members of a unit-based team, Labor Management Partnership and unit-based team consultants, improvement advisers and Union Partnership Representatives.

Tools - Color Get the Tools

Starting from a place of interests rather than positions can feel like an unfamiliar way to solve problems. Use these tools to augment the training and become proficient in this process. 


Enrollment information

For in-person classroom training, contact your regional training leaders for more information.
This course is available online to all Kaiser Permanente employees; you must be connected to KP intranet and have an NUID to access this training. Use the link below or visit KP Learn and search on the course ID. Access the course directly through KP Learn.
Course ID in KP Learn: 00649884


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